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The Guernsey Health Care Plan is overseen by a Committee of Management, drawn from Guernsey District Lodge, which meets at monthly intervals.  Lodge meetings are open to all members, and participation in the business of the Lodge is encouraged.  Dates of meetings are available from our office.

Current officers are as follows:-

Committee of Management

Judith Laine PGM and Trustee
David Elliston PDGM and Trustee
James Westwell IPPGM
Samantha Lees Prov CS
Eric Ferbrache PPGM
Michael de Jersey PPGM and Trustee

Jeffrey Martel

Hazel Thoume  
Nikki Kennedy-Cook  
Karen Le Lacheur  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are more than happy to take you calls although we might have the answer to your question here online. Try our FAQs sections.

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