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No age limit exists for joining the Plan, and membership may continue for life.  The contribution rates are shown per member as a monthly amount, which is subject to  review, usually annually.

The FOUR levels of contribution are:

  • Adult (over 25 years)
  • 60+ Adult (joining when aged 60 and over)
  • Young Adult (18-25 years)
  • Child (under 18 years): children must be part of a Family membership with one or more adults.

Medical Plan only

The contribution rates for those wishing to receive benefit only as provided in the Medical Plan

Additional Plans

The contribution rates for those wishing to receive benefit under an Additional Plan, including the Medical Plan

Each dependent child qualifies for the benefit provided by the Plan taken up by the parents, the cost per child remaining at that of the Medical Plan.

Please contact our office for full details and a quotation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are more than happy to take your calls although we might have the answer to your question here online. Try our FAQs sections.

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